Video: Understanding the CS:GO Economy and Common Mistakes

The video offers an in-depth consider the economy of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, allowing viewers to achieve a better understanding from the proper making decisions required to take full advantage of CSGO Skins your money. You even get a consider the decision making for action with a real match illustration of WWG CSGO Team Rankings No. 1 Astralis dealing with No. 7 Ninjas in Pyjamas.

WarOwl adopts depth having a couple specific regions of focus. The first is that your hard earned money is not your hard earned money, it’s your team’s money. He provides the analogy that for that time you’re in a game, your teammates are the family and often you need to help them out.

Second, perform the math. You need to learn the right numbers hitting in order to get the correct buys, ie a rifle, armor, utility, kits, etc.

The final principle is, buy as a team. You need to save or buy together with your team. Being consistent helps you save or your teammates from wasting purchases and prolonging the problem.

WarOwl supplies the viewers having a CSGO economy spreadsheet wearing down the money gain/loss for specific actions

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