Video: Must See Tip for After Throwing Grenades in CS:GO

If you appear, you’ll often find success within the details. This is CSGO Skins exactly what YouTube user and Australian CS:GO player FirstLegion shows us in the video titled CS: GO | Quick switching after throwing a grenade tutorial & comparison.

FirstLegion explains and provides visual towards the advantage of quick switching immediately upon throwing grenade. Providing phone default way versus the suggested way, it provides a real illustration of just how beneficial little tricks such as this can be.

Providing instructions within the video description, FirstLegion explains, “As soon because the grenade leaves your hand, press your weapon key (Usually 1 for primary weapon, 2 for pistol). This will change to that weapon considerably faster than not carrying this out.”

You might find most if not completely of the players around the teams within our WWG CSGO Team Rankings by using this same proceed to speed up their animation and for that reason be able to fight faster should a rival catch them off guard.

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