Unikrn flirts German market with CS:GO BIG investment

Seattle-based eSports betting company Unikrn is making its presence gone through by CSGO Skins forging a partnership using the newly-formed Counter Strike: Global Offense team Berlin International Gaming.

Yogonet reported that Unikrn has formally entered the eSports financial arena the very first time by becoming the very first official partner and investor of CS:GO team BIG.

Unikrn Chief Executive Rahul Sood noticed that “eSports and community” are a couple of things that the eSports company cares most about.

Unikrn flirts German market with CS:GO BIG investment“We met this dream halfway with BIG,” Sood said inside a statement. “We are not only seen partnering track of BIG, we’re actually purchasing them. We want to create value for that team but at the same time we’re completely hands-off with regards to the daily operation or anything roster related. We support them through financial resources and business development.”

What excites gambling enthusiasts, however, isn’t because Unikrn fell in love using the idea of supporting a German allstar team or fulfilling Sood’s wish of the chance of team ownership with a few of their star investors.

Analysts think that Unikrn’s investment to CS:GO BIG is only the opening salvo from the company’s intends to offer real cash eSports betting in Germany.

At present, Unikrn only offers eSports betting within the UK and Australia after securing gambling licenses in the UK Gambling Commission and from Australia’s Northern Territories regulator.

They see Unikrn’s proceed to sponsor CS:GO BIG like a “strategic move” because it will give the organization an increased brand recognition within the market. After UK, Germany may be the next important gambling market within the EU.

The German market also causes it to be the next viable destination for Unikrn because the country happens to be without any gambling online regulation; has high propensity to gamble, and high amounts of disposable income.

For their part, CS: GO team BIG founder Fatih ‘gob b’ Dayik said: “We are pleased to partner track of Unikrn, who have been really excited being part of our new team and also the BIG family. Unikrn strongly believes within our vision and wants to help us within the background, that allows us to target more on our training and also the upcoming tournaments.”

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