Room on Fire Releases First CSGO Documentary

Room on Fire Media, a business founded by CSGO Skins Anders “Anders” Blume and Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat, has released its first documentary since the legendary quarterfinal match between LDLC and fnatic back at DreamHack Winter in 2014.

Produced by Jason “moses” O’Toole, the documentary features in-depth analysis of both match, players, the state from the game at that time, too as the way it changed the landscape. The 37-minute long video features in-game footage, live footage, too as interviews and discussion from top personalities within the scene.

Both lineups featured within the documentary have since been separated but both had their reigns of terror within the CS:GO world. Most recently the fnatic lineup that designed a three-man switch with WWG CSGO Team Rankings No. 13 GODSENT, a business formed by Markus “pronax” Wallsten soon after he was release by the Swedish organization. While the ex-LDLC is a lot more spread out with players being found across teams for example No. FaZe Clan, No. 3Team EnVyUs and No. 11 G2 Esports.

One from the biggest talking points from the documentary? Olofboost. The notorious boost allowed fnatic to obtain almost full vision from the map, Overpass, in addition towards the information gained the boosted play could take out any player within view without having to be noticed. A 12-3 halftime deficit was reversed with this boost alone, producing a 16-13 lead.  The ensuing battle of maybe it was a legal boost resulted within the tournament organizer saying Olofboost was matched with a boost produced by LDLC and then the map will have to be replayed. fnatic refused, producing a forfeit.

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