Rogue CS:GO Player With Awkward Message on Stream

Everyone loves an uncomfortable moment in a competitive gaming event.

The award for that weekend of CSGO Skins January 7th and 8th belongs towards the Danish CS:GO player, Casper ‘cadiaN’ M?ller.

Playing for Rogue in the ESEA Global Challenge event in the ESL studios in Burbank, California, his team of Danish and Bulgarian players were facing the Polish side of Kinguin.

In an offer to intimidate his opponents, the pro player flashed up a drawn Kinguin logo similarly and a Deagle pistol alternatively. He finished by pushing his fists together, simulating his oppositions demise whilst the cameras passed over the players within the pre-match analysis.

As expected the casting team aren’t really sure things to say if this happened, but thankfully the Danish player and the team went onto win the sport and tournament. Clearly his intimidation tactics worked.

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