Opinion: This CSGO Major is Different

The ELEAGUE Major is simply two weeks away, and also at this point and I’m unsure it will do what Majors have typically done.

Throughout the history from the Majors in CS:GO, the fans and players have looked towards the most prestigious event to CSGO Skins define who the very best team within the world is. From the domination of Ninjas in Pyjamas in the inception of CS:GO, towards the era from the unstoppable fnatic, and up towards the back-to-back wins through the Brazilians currently under SK Gaming – winning the Majors has provided the teams without only the ability, but also the right, to assert the title because the best team within the world.

This year, this Major, I don’t believe this is actually the case for just about any team but one.

Astralis may be the only team that, should it win the Major, is able to rightfully (and without much doubt cast) claim the title of best team within the world. Currently ranked No. 1 within the WWG CSGO Team Rankings, it most definitely ended the year the very best of any team with several top finishes, cultivating in the first place finish in the ECS season two finals. The team ran a dominant circuit close to the end from the year and it is riding that wave into 2017. Should it collect the trophy, it’ll have a much better claim towards the same kind of respect because the above-mentioned era holders.

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