Even with one hand paralyzed, this CS:GO player is constantly on the kick ass

It’s simple to take the small things for granted when gaming like, you realize, having two hands. That’s what Jason, also known online as ‘OneHandFPS,’ discovered whenever a motorcycle accident left him paralyzed in the left hand. In CSGO Skins Buy an instant, the WASD setup that people all use, together with dozens of other activities, became impossible for him. But, amazingly, that hasn’t come between Jason and the love of gaming. I would know. I challenged him to some duel in CS:GO and that he kicked my ass using what might too have been one hand tied behind his back.

Though his accident was just eight months ago, Jason streams his tries to get back into gaming on Twitch. Unable to abide by traditional means, he uses a Razer Naga MMO mouse—the one with 12 buttons around the side—to just do about everything I would make use of a keyboard for. He’s still able to make use of the weight of his left hand to push a control button or two on his keyboard if he absolutely needs to, but from moving to swapping weapons is done around the mouse. If it wasn’t for the 2nd webcam pointed at his hands when he streams, you might never observe that Jason is just using one of these. That’s how good he’s. But getting there, he tells me, is a struggle.

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