E-League Valve CS:GO Major Stickers and Graffitti Released In Update

The popular CS:GO weapon stickers for that E-League Valve Major happen to CSGO Skins be released.

The $1 million event starts on January 22nd as 16 from the best teams on the planet converge on Atlanta to battle in one from the biggest tournaments from the year.

Just qualifying for that major is viewed as lucrative for players and organisations, with special in-game weapon stickers released for sale, and also the proceeds being split between your teams and Valve.

For the very first time, you may also get team graffiti that’s sprayable throughout a round.

The stickers and graffitti came included in a wider CS:GO update, which includes the ability for tournament organisers to delay the “No Steam Logon” error from appearing until the end of the round.

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