CS:GO Player Salary Tiers Revealed by Richard Lewis

Have you ever wondered just how much does an expert Counter Strike player receive money to CSGO Skins play every month?

A video continues to be released by esports journalist, Richard Lewis, delving in to the recent introduction of traditional sports brands obtaining competitive gaming teams.

Discussing the impact from the big money deals on home-grown esports organisations, the E-League host begins to talk about player salaries in CS:GO.

Richard advises that players inside a North American or European tier 1 side which will reach major tournaments but won’t place highly, will get a the least $4,000 monthly, rising to around $6,000.

For a high level CS:GO team who definitely are consistently performing at a high level at major tournaments, salaries are between $7,000 and $10,000, a figure he believes is all about right for now because the market stands.

Continuing in the scale, the very best paid Counter Strike team within the world currently are paid $17,000 monthly, before any added prize money, sticker deals or endorsements.

You can view Richard discuss the salary scale at round the 7 minute mark within the video, whilst on the subject from the ex-Dignitas team as well as their move to FC Copenhagen.

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