CS:GO Atlanta 2017 Major Championship Release Notes

Over around the official CS:GO blog, some completely new details happen to CSGO knife Skin be revealed concerning the release notes throughout the ELeague Atlanta 2017 CS:GO Major Championship. The immensely popular Counter-Strike game is going to be getting a number of changes to its gameplay, as wel as fixes to previous issues.

For starters, Team stickers signed by professional CS:GO players is going to be available for you to buy in-game through the Steam Community Market, which donates half from the proceeds towards the players you’re supporting as well as their respective organizations. Group stage picks may also be made immediately, with Playoff picks following soon after the group stage has finished.

In relation to gameplay, a few issues have finally been rectified. For example, players who was simply previously killed throughout a grenade-throwing animation won’t drop a grenade whether it has already been thrown. The func_breakable entity will also no more make a noise when hits deal no damage.

Maps and Audio have both received some treatment too. There is now a lesser volume for bullet impacts, too as a lowered amount of distant weapons. There has been a small increase from the minimum distance from the fall off, to ensure that third parties can hear maximum volume from around 1m from the shooter. Maps meanwhile have experienced a variety of fixes, for example C4 no more getting stuck in a few places on Mirage, and gaps being removed where Bombsite A is. Players falling with the ceiling on Nuke should no more be a problem either, whereas Cache has seen some clipping improvements and graphical problems on Inferno happen to be rectified.

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